I realise

I realise now that I have never been. I’ve played the jester, The temptress, the sphinx, The dancer, the amazon, The dandy, the poet, The chef, the cocktail master, The tipsy tap dancer, I’ve even played the player But I’ve never really been myself.   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem

A voice was raised 

A voice was raised Among the drunken crowd, And then there was silence. Sometimes the absence Of noise is deafening. And sometimes by saying little, One says too much.   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem

I have discovered in me

I have discovered in me a Thousand fires with flames So bright they leave one Feeling faint, feeling blind. I can feel a burning passion Build inside because try As life might to defeat me I Know I can take anything Singlehandedly, with this Heart, this soul that fears Nothing but nothingness.   @mena.poetry Foto:... Leer más →

Let it be a good one

There are still moments when I wish you’d never left. Trust me, I miss you And need you to go on But if I must go on without you Let it be a good one.   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem

I used to

I used to want to write Pick up my pen and Dress the naked page. I used to want To see the world and travel And step on every stone. I used to want to do The million things I had never done But time has made me cowardly, Complacent. Not all changes are good.... Leer más →

Sometimes you just need to run

Sometimes you just need to run, To heaven and back Admire the sky, the moon for a while And come back with rosy cheeks To see life as you did Back then With your pink dress And your matching ribbon.   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem                

Because in the end

Because in the end, when push comes to shove, we are all a little bit damaged, in one way or another. Short tempered, paranoid, narcissistic, overexcited... There’s always something isn’t there?   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem                

Selfish and unsure

Selfish and unsure, Eyes trembling With moonlight, She walks into The darkness Decided but ignorant Of what lies On the other side, But she knows It will be good for her.   @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem                


I can only see our Horizon in moonlight. And it feels like the Longest day of my life Ever since our last Few hours of darkness. @mena.poetry Foto: Ídem                

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