Words that cannot be Echoed

Words that cannot be Echoed But can break a heart Nemesis is certainlly mellowed Her lesson is about to start Gazing his own reflection The fool could not understand That it was a false affection Forced by a powerful hand His fate was sealed by his believe That not one was worthy of his love... Leer más →

Sons of the gods

Sons of the gods Defying all odds Legends from the past Stories passed down to us Is it myth, is it our story? Is it just a song of glory? Songs by our bloodlines Their bones in our shrines We only see empty battlefields But we can all feel the time strains 'Cause the myth... Leer más →

Shadow casted over me

Shadow casted over me Like a nocturnal eclipse Hearing how it rips Screaming like a banshee Sinking me in this darkness Tearing the sky with it's claws Breaks the nature laws Leaving me with only sadness It's fate that calls upon us Dragging me into the void It will soon be over They mustn't stay... Leer más →

So ephemeral

So ephemeral Like a light in the dark Evading your grip Is something temporal Just so literal Can't hide from it. Moving so fast, Is something visceral When you feel it coming. Lurking, in the back of your mind Only a thought gone by at lightspeed Just a reaction, is chemical. If you blink, it's... Leer más →

Spilling my guts

Spilling my guts, Bending to your will. Too much noise, I can't stand still. Why am in this path, In collision route with you? Scape is not an option I'm afraid I won't see it through. Why am I in this path, Complete and utter chaos? What do you see in me, Only this unforgiving... Leer más →

It’s cold, inside

It's cold, inside It don't feel right Out of air, I can't see Ignite the match, set me free   The fire fuels my will It lights the path ahead No more space left to fill All the pain, it was bled   Burning in my lungs Spit it like my rhymes Fire in my... Leer más →

Only asphalt

Only asphalt Straight lanes White on black So many shades   Counting streetlights Shadow, bright, shadow, bright   Glass on glass The other me Another impasse Turn back here   Counting streetlights Shadow, bright, shadow, bright   Imposing, so high This city is alive Breathing, the heartbeat Can't live without it @ploskygonzalo Foto: Photo by Jorge... Leer más →

The crosswalk is in front of me

The crosswalk is in front of me None on the other side I can see The voice keeps on calling Nothing  but the mist, I can't dodge it   Shoul I cross, should I not? Should I follow her or stop? Looking left, looking right Why is noone on my sight?   Take a deep... Leer más →

I wish my verses were alive

I wish my verses were alive And make them talk about the love The love that makes my whole being arise And get up to the stars, even above   Oh master Pygmalion, show me how you inspired The cold hands, face and heart of your creation To become the woman that you desired To... Leer más →

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